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For Rent

202 Woodley, Leander, Texas 78641

Spacious and bright home in convenient location just off Hwy 183, with privacy fenced yard, big living room, and a large master bedroom with sitting area and garden tub.

For Rent

2510 Ben Doran, Cedar Park, Texas 78613

Absolutely Gorgeous 4 BR in Twin Creeks Community, with wonderful area amenities, pool, tennis, etc. Home has spacious master, covered patio, separate guest Casita makes perfect home office, fenced courtyard, upstairs, call for additional details on move in etc.

For Rent

12709 Tierra Grande, Austin, Texas 78732

Wonderful opportunity to lease this 5 bedroom home in Steiner Ranch! With multiple decks overlooking the hill country and two en-suite master bedrooms, this 2010 build will definitely impress. The open concept design and abundant natural light really bring out the spacious 3,043 square foot floor plan. The house is located on the same street as River Ridge and within minutes walking distance.

For Rent

706 Pampas Ricas, Leander, Texas 78641

Clean and open floor plan. Tile throughout and newer carpet in bedrooms.

Cheap proscar au, Proscar krankenkasse yoga

Austin real estate market is on the up—and so is rent

Posted on March 29, 2016

The Austin housing market continues to grow at a dramatic rate. Since the subprime mortgage crisis of the late 2000s, home price peak values in Austin have increased 44 percent. Along with other Texas urban areas including Houston metro, DFW, and San Antonio, Austin is leading the nation in the recovering market trend.   The […]

Austin Population Passes 2 Million With No Signs Of Slowing Down

Posted on December 22, 2015

It’s finally happened: the Austin metropolitan area’s population has surpassed 2 million people. Most of us are not shocked. Merge onto I-35 at literally ANY time of day and you will experience the boom first hand. Austin has been the fastest-growing region in the States for four years running. Between Williamson, Travis, Hays, Caldwell, and […]

1031 Exchanges For Investment Properties: Making The Tax Code Work For You

Posted on October 22, 2015

When the time is right for you to start making large investments to increase your personal wealth and secure your future, one thing many people are not prepared for are the various tax codes that carry hidden costs. However, if you educate yourself and invest wisely, you can make the tax code work for you. […]

3 Austin Neighborhoods You Should Really Know About

Posted on August 4, 2015

It’s no secret that as far as real estate goes. Austin is just about as hot as it gets. People are flocking here for job opportunities and our high quality of life, making property more valuable than ever. With the recent boom, many neighborhoods have already become unaffordable for most people… but there are still […]

Downtown Property Developments In Austin That Will Have The Most Impact On The Market

Posted on June 17, 2015

Austin is a construction company’s dream right now. You can’t seem to look around downtown without seeing at least two or three construction cranes in view. You might even now think that Austin has an official city bird, the crane. Austin’s downtown skyline is certainly growing, it seems like every month a new tower is […]

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